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Over the past several years, EDI has made a commitment to rounding out its TRIRIGA services team. In doing so, we now have some of the top industry leading functional and technical resources. Their combined experience includes implementations and support of enterprise organizations worldwide.

EDI has extensive experience with the most current version of IBM TRIRIGA, as well as the experience outlined in the first toggle box below. More detailed projects can be viewed clicking on one of the featured projects below.

IBM TRIRIGA Experience
  • IBM TRIRIGA 10.X.X and IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.X.X (All Versions)
  • IBM TRIRIGA Application and Platform Upgrades:
    • Completed an Application Upgrade from 10.2 to 10.6.1/3.6 for a State Agency using the Operations and Capital Projects Modules.
    • Completed multiple Application Upgrades for a National Airline using the Real Estate Module from 10.4 to 10.5.3 to 10.6 to 10.6.1/3.6.
    • Supported an Application Upgrade from 10.0 to for a National Laboratory using Facilities, Projects, Real Estate, and Operations Modules.
    • Completed multiple Application Upgrade Assessments using proprietary processes for providing a summary of customizations to the base application, rename requirements and objects which need to have changes merged to combine changes from IBM and customer into the resulting object.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Management Module:
    • Abstracted Real Estate lease data from paper and electronic contracts and migrated Leased Aircraft Asset data from the non-compliant systems into TRIRIGA Software. Configured the system to follow specific business process flow functionality for approval of lease admin and accounting data and reporting requirements to support the adoption of FASB 842 Standard for National Airline, v 10.6.1/3.6.
    • Created a new Forecasting module for National Airline to allow the FP&A team to run scenario modeling for 3-5 years into the future by copying existing lease data and allowing for both percentage and payment specific increases to be applied, v 10.6.
    • Migrated Real Estate and Asset Lease data for National Hardware Retailer from existing lease administration application into TRIRIGA to support new FASB 842 Standard for lease accounting and setup system to generate required operating/finance schedules, journal entries, and disclosure reports for multiple business units using non-standard retail calendars, v 10.6.1/3.6.
    • Consulted National Tire Retailer on the update of existing Real Estate and Asset leases and system configuration to FASB 840 Standard in preparation for transition to the new standard in 2021, v
    • Abstracted Real Estate leases and Land Use permits into TRIRIGA for a National Laboratory and set up the Real Estate Module to allow for managing the lifecycle of records which require oversight and approvals from various agencies including the NNSA, USAF, DOE, and internal departments using base product Real Estate Project Tasks, Approvals and Notifications v
  • IBM TRIRIGA Capital Projects Module:
    • Returned custom configuration and usage of Capital Programs, Funding Sources, and Projects to base production functionality for State Agency to allow tracking and reporting of state legislation approved bills appropriating funds for specific building projects, 10.6.1/3.6.
    • Implemented a solution for a County Airport Authority to manage milestone schedules and budget details for capital projects that span multiple years. These standard processes, based on best practices, provided a simplified means for tracking project financials along with consistent, efficient project status reporting. This also included an integration with the authority’s financial system to receive invoice payment updates, v 10.4.
    • Created a web-based Tenant Construction/Alteration Permit (TCAP) portal for a County Airport Authority to reduce the time from permit application to issuance while increasing communication and feedback with airlines and tenants. With TRIRIGA application platform, the authority now has a system that allows employees, tenants, contractors, and other external parties to access one centralized location for documentation, creating specific requests or accessing templates, performing and/or participating in automated reviews, capturing comments, applying for electronic approvals, and receiving critical notifications, v 10.4.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Facilities / Space Management Module:
    • Completed multiple Space Module assessments, clean up, and update projects to address issues with space attributes, space chargeback allocations, and space moves for National Laboratory. Re-architecture of space audit workflows resulting in a reduction in space audit time to completion and created a quick space change form to allow changes without revising records, v
    • Custom implementation based on Space and Reserve modules, as well as CAD Integrator, to create a new Events Projects module for an NBA Team with the ability to schedule any/all space in their arena for events including basketball games, concerts, clinics conferences, meetings and various events in spaces across the venue, reserving sections (space groups) of the arena for small events as well as reserving the entire arena for games, concerts and other large events, v 10.5.3.
    • System configuration and implementation for Credit Card Company with approximately 400 sites, 6.5 million square feet globally, of varied building/structure/land types, including language implementation for TRIRIGA for 7 languages. In addition, system configuration and implementation for State County with approximately 600 sites, 12 million square feet locally, of varied building/structural/land types.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Operations Management Modules:
    • Returned custom configuration and usage of Service Request, Corrective Maintenance, and Preventative Maintenance closer to base product functionality for State Agency, correcting long-standing defects, completing numerous data cleanup efforts, and optimizing system performance, v 10.6.1/3.6.
    • Created a custom Construction Inspection Permit process providing the ability to define Project Initiation information for a National Laboratory. The Project Initiation will include Code Compliance Traveler items which form the foundation of the Permitting and Inspection processes and automation. The Construction Permit contains Construction Inspection and Construction Punchlist requirements in order to achieve a Certificate of Compliance and/or Certificate of Occupancy
  • IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability Module (TREES):
    • Provided setup and training to NBA Team for using sustainability module to track utility, waste, and water invoices as a foundation for determining carbon emissions and created LEED certification checklists for tracking upcoming re-certification efforts.
  • IBM TRIRIGA CAD Integrator:
    • Responsible for polylining the entire NBA arena.
    • Provided CAD standards, integration, and functionality training to Geographic Information Systems Company in preparation for indoor application development efforts.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Perceptive UX Applications:
    • The Construction Inspection Permit functionality includes a TRIRIGA UX Platform Perceptive Application which supports the recording of inspection detail and status in the field using mobile devices.
    • Built a proof of technology for a Geographic Information Systems Company to demonstrate how to pass space data between IBM Service Request Perceptive App and TRIRIGA can be achieved through TRIRIGA UX / Google Polymer.
    • Updated configuration around IBM Work Task Perceptive App for NBA Team to manage work tasks assigned to a user and associated with an event project.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Integrations:
    • Used Connector for Business Applications and TRIRIGA’s SOAP Webservice to retrieve space related data for refining GIS/CAD modeling. Provided SOAP Webservice capabilities and restrictions in regard to querying for data and how it may affect an indoor application UX architecture.
    • Configured multiple inbound/outbound integration to SAP for syncing journal entries, master data (General Ledger Accounts, Cost Centers, and Internal Orders), and invoice processing updates from the SAP AP module. Additionally, configured People integration from MyAccess to allow new users to get created with required data attributes and security/license groups, via People Templates.
    • Configured integration to Maximo for syncing Portfolio data (People and Space) for NBA Team.
    • Created a custom facilities project application with integration from Maximo and Oracle Data Warehouse for retrieving work tasks and project related costs.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Data Migration:
    •  The created a custom process to migrate Real Estate and Asset data into TRIRIGA. The process uses Excel tab delimited text files that are imported into DTOs (Data Transfer Objects). Real Estate and Asset Leases are created using Integration Object and Workflow and create/associate the Payment Schedules, Payment Line Items, Contact Roles, Options and Clauses records in the same fashion. Configuration and process have been used on multiple projects.
  • Certifications:
    • IBM Certified Application Developer: TRIRIGA Application Platform V3.6
    • IBM Certified Application Development: TRIRIGA Application Platform V3.6
    • IBM Certified Associate Application Developer: TRIRIGA Application Platform V3.6


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