IoT Implementations

IoT Implementations and Upgrades

When assets break down without warning, the cost of repairs is invariably higher and has a more significant negative effect on the operation of a facility and the efficiency of facilities management.

This is a challenge that all organizations face, but it creates a significant opportunity for the ones that can improve asset reliability and optimize facilities management resources and productivity to minimize the occurrence of these unplanned events.

Internet of Things (IoT) processes and technology provide a capability for an organization to monitor key assets, predict potential equipment failure and initiate proactive maintenance workflows, thereby minimizing the occurrence and impact of these events with the most efficient use of facilities management resources.

Explained simply, and end to end, IoT solution uses sensors on critical assets to monitor specific conditional data and analyzes that data to predict failures, alert on faults, initiate work orders, and report on trends.

EDI, working closely with its partners at Arrow and IBM understands the challenges above, the opportunities to address those challenges, and the technologies available to do so. In addition, our team is knowledgeable of the key success factors as well as the infrastructure and organizational challenges to implementing such solutions that can help any organization navigate this journey.

We will help you not only to develop a working IoT solution but more importantly, to develop a long-term IoT road map and set of standards and processes for leveraging these solutions to address both current and future facilities management challenges.

EDI has experience with a number of different types and vendors of Operational Technology (OT) solutions (i.e. sensors, gateways, and edge devices) as well as direct experience implementing and configuring

Maximo’s Asset Performance Management (APM) suite of applications (Monitor, Asset Health Insights, and Predict) that leverage the IBM Watson platform.

Overview of IoT for Asset Management Solution Architecture

  • IoT Diagram

Through our partnerships with system experts at Arora Engineers and Arrow Electronics as well as our experience with IBM’s suite of software products, no one is more uniquely positioned to deliver valuable IoT-integrated Asset Management solutions. We know the technologies, we know the process and challenges, and we can make IoT implementation simple for you!