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Data Standards / Collection / Migration / Integration

If world class Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Integrated Workplace Management (IWMS) programs are a journey, then data is the fuel that gets you there.

It is impossible to expect your enterprise systems and processes to provide you with the value you expect if you are not fueling those systems with complete, accurate, and properly structured data. EDI understands not only the importance of quality data, but the details of what comprises quality data, how to capture it, how to structure it, and how to maintain it.

Regardless of whether you’ve been in your enterprise system and processes for decades or are starting from scratch, EDI can help you define your data standards and data collection processes, tools, and integrations to ensure you get the most out of your programs at the lowest possible effort and cost.

Our approach includes capitalizing on new technologies for data capture and refinement including integration with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Building Information Modeling Systems (BIM), as well as our own data collection, cleansing, and loading tools.

EDI Brings Clarity to Complex Data

Data Standards

Complete and quality data in your systems begins with an intent to capture complete, accurate, and properly structured data regardless of the source. EDI has helped numerous clients define this intent by way of Data Standards and related Standard Operating Procedures that can be used both internally and as an attachment to capital projects to ensure that the system is constantly seeded with good quality data.  EDI streamlines this effort by having pre-defined templates for these standards and SOPs that span all industries, facilities, and asset types. Don’t start from scratch on an empty white board, capitalize on the heavy lifting we’ve already done for the last 20 years!

Data Collection

EDI can help you get a handle on your current data gaps by providing support for your own or contractor-led data collection or by actually walking down data for you. EDI employs our well- defined approach in completing physical walk-downs and asset data collection processes which has been developed from extensive experience at all kinds of facilities from biotech laboratories, to power generation plants, to airports. EDI has developed a highly efficient, repeatable process with supporting tools for labeling assets, collecting data and seamlessly loading it into your enterprise system meeting all defined data standards.  These processes can be utilized in any phase of the facility life-cycle and can integrate with existing data sources as available.  Don’t fret as your stare at a mountain of uncollected or unstructured data, let us help you climb that mountain!

Data Migration and Integration

In many cases the appropriate data source for your EAM or IWMS system is an already existing data source (like a BIM model) or an existing system (like a GIS system, ERP system or legacy CMMS). EDI has worked extensively with multiple data file formats and systems and can easily help you identify the appropriate data sources, map the right migration or integration paths, and implement the technical solutions to make those migrations and integrations as efficient as possible.

In particular, EDI, in partnership with parent company Arora Engineer’s Geo Spatial group, has done extensive and innovative work in integrating BIM models and GIS systems to both seed and maintain asset repositories in Maximo and TRIRIGA. Whether you are trying to get a handle on a influx of assets from new capital projects or just trying to recover and cleanse data from an existing legacy system, let EDI show you the most efficient way to perform the migration and/or integrate the data sources.

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