EDI imrprove real estate performance

TRIRIGA for Retail drives the following value opportunities for companies: increases revenue, reduces expenses, and improves executive and investor confidence with regulatory and financial reporting. The leaders in the retail industry from apparel, restaurants, home electronics, office supplies, dollar stores, auto and home décor to retail banks select and standardize on TRIRIGA for Retail to improve their real estate performance.

Leading Retail Solution to Digital Transformation

TRIRIGA incorporated input from the world’s leading retailers to provide new and innovative, key capabilities. TRIRIGA for Retail drives the following value opportunities for companies:

  • Increases revenue through an improved delivery process that accelerates the opening of new retail locations, from marketing planning, site selection, construction and remodel through grand store opening.
  • Reduces lease expenses and overall costs by eliminating expense leakage, reducing construction costs and minimizing retail location management costs through improved vendor management.
  • Increases executive and investor confidence via financial and regulatory reporting by providing insight into store pipeline, project and transaction health, as well as providing FASB 842 compliance checks and embedded Sarbanes-Oxley controls and processes.

As a comprehensive solution, TRIRIGA’s web-based products and services uniquely provide retailers with pre-defined cost-effective automated processes, extensive configuration management tools and experienced retail consultants to further refine and streamline retailers’ own business processes.