Water & Wastewater Utility Industry

EDI’s Water/Wastewater Industry skills are immersive. We are fluent in the regulatory and operational demands that are required to maintain and improve the quality of service and profit margins.

We provide our industrial customers with valuable insight by monitoring asset conditions and system health as well as anticipating maintenance needs through the effective use of Maximo and connected technologies to keep operations flowing.

EDI consultants are experts at reengineering business processes, integrations (i.e. SCADA, ERP, HR, GIS), and instituting premium Maximo EAM systems.

This expertise includes EDI’s ability to implement and maintain Risk Priority Numbers for Assets and Systems in the EAM.

EDI’s combination of industry experience and unique Organizational Change Management (OCM) expertise results in our ability to earn early buy-in and maintain project momentum through to completion.

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