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EDI has delivered successful projects to four of the top fifteen pharmaceutical companies in the world. Our dedicated team of Life Sciences experts has more than 80 years of cumulative industry experience, including Engineering, Analysis, Regulatory Compliance, and Quality Control.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the management of assets takes on a double role. Not only must companies have the capability of producing a product, but they must also be able to meet rigorous requirements imposed by regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This creates a situation where Asset Management must meet objectives and functional requirements, as well as regulatory requirements. In most industries, a redesign of an asset to increase reliability would be a simple engineering redesign and implementation.

In the pharma industry, there are quality reviews of every redesign, which often results in revalidation activity that can be more costly than the design itself.

Our Life Science experts are well-versed in the implementation of asset management in heavily regulated environments, and our proven implementation approach allows for a rapid go-live while meeting all regulatory requirements.

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