Arora Engineers, Inc.

Arora Engineers

Electronic Data (EDI) is a fully owned subsidiary of Arora Engineers (Arora). Arora acquired EDI in 2019 to complement their service lines in planning, engineering, construction management, facility management, information, and Geospatial technologies. This last piece of the puzzle gave the Arora companies insight into the full life cycle of an asset from “cradle to grave” and gives all of their divisions a unique perspective that we put into practice, providing extra value to our clients in whatever service or solution we are implementing.

Staff Experience

Many of Arora’s staff, including our CEO, have held various positions as an owner, builder, or implementer. This adds exceptional value to our clients as well as the success of our projects since we are able to see things from their perspective while designing and managing with a focus on operations and maintenance, all the while anticipating how a facility and asset will be used, maintained, and eventually retired and upgraded. Asset management has become more location-based, data-driven, and flexible; integrations with our Geospatial team and Arora Technology Group development team have enabled us to build on our existing platforms and create great tools and solutions. The addition of EDI to the Arora companies and services was a perfect fit to complete our mission “Rethinking Infrastructure.”


Arora’s national engineering practice is built on the principles of innovation, hyper-responsiveness, and quality. Arora works at all stages of the project delivery process – from initial planning and design to program and construction management, and ongoing facilities management services – bringing ideas, processes, and approaches that will help you not only meet your infrastructure needs but accomplish your overarching business objectives and seize new opportunities.

  • Electrical
  • Fire and Life Safety
  • Geospatial Technologies
  • Airfield Electrical
  • Special Systems/Technology
  • Mechanical and Plumbing
  • Digital Signage/Electronic Video Information Display Systems (EVIDS)
  • Electrical
  • Fire and Life Safety
  • Geospatial Technologies
  • Airfield Electrical
  • Special Systems / Technology
  • Mechanical and Plumbing
  • Digital Signage / EVIDS


Arora takes a holistic approach to its national engineering practice serving clients at every stage of the project life cycle. During the planning and design phases, our engineers provide expert insights based on decades of experience.

Once the final vision has been realized in the design phase, our construction and program management professionals will ensure that vision is achieved correctly during construction.

Our focus then turns toward ongoing maintenance and management to ensure optimal operations and longevity, and so our clients can maximize their return on infrastructure investment.

At every stage, Arora’s team of engineers is equipped to innovate and provide solutions for our clients’ infrastructure challenges.

Planning and Design

Arora provides sustainable solutions with an emphasis on innovation and technology to connect and better manage critical systems. The result is improved operations, increased longevity, better security and reliability, and a more enjoyable end-user experience.

Program Management and Construction Management

Arora’s PM/CM team has the know-how and capability to provide resident engineer services, scheduling, and inspection services for all types of building projects. Their staff works 24/7 and can support daytime or nighttime shifts.

Facilities Management

Arora provides specialized Facilities Maintenance Management services through its subsidiary, Arora Systems Group (ASG), for both larger campus-like environments and smaller, more intimate settings. Acting as an owner’s representative, ASG gives clients the extra level of technical expertise, supervision, and coordination they need for any scope or schedule.

  • Planning & Design
  • Program & Construction Management
  • Facilities Management

Market Sectors

Arora meets the evolving needs of the world’s most critical industries – aviation, transportation, education, government, and commercial/institutional – through more intelligent, sustainable, and connected infrastructure solutions that maximize value for their clients and partners.


Arora has been serving the aviation industry for decades, designing billions of dollars of construction on airside and landside projects at some of the largest airports in the United States. With a comprehensive understanding of airport processes and the interaction between airport owners, stakeholders, politics, and the FAA, Arora is uniquely qualified to serve the critical needs of this very important industry.


Arora’s transportation experience includes bridges and tunnels, as well as stations and support facilities for bus and rail projects. Many of these projects are termed critical infrastructure by the Department of Homeland Security and transportation agencies routinely turn to Arora to provide smart solutions for 21st-century transportation infrastructure problems.


Smart infrastructure is critical to improving the educational environment. Arora understands the importance of safe, comfortable buildings, proper lighting, and technology resources in facilitating better learning.


Arora has performed work for numerous Federal, State, and local government agencies and understands the performance and documentation requirements for these types of projects. Arora has experience with systems engineering and maintenance in historic buildings, office buildings, large campus facilities and networked systems, and LEED certified designs.

Commercial and Institutional

Arora understands the 24/7 demands that are placed on the systems of heavily used buildings such as banks, office buildings, mixed-use and multi-unit residential, and healthcare facilities. Arora engineers smart, sustainable solutions that provide comfort and security for building occupants and realize significant energy savings for building owners.