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Support Services

Certified TRIRIGA & Maximo Support

Many times your staff expects the Level 1 technician taking your support call to start with TRIRIGA and Maximo- specific problem determination.

Your staff may also have more challenging questions and problems that just can’t get answered. These second types of calls go beyond traditional support and may involve configuration issues, best practices, complex problem resolution, system administration, etc.

EDI offers Enhanced Support for those times when you need help with challenging questions and problems but don’t need to contract for a full consulting engagement.

EDI also offers TRIRIGA and Maximo software Level 1 and Level 2 Support Services as an alternative.


Maximo Implementation Services

EDI Enhanced Support for TRIRIGA & Maximo

Sometimes you need access to experienced and knowledgeable Maximo resources to assist with:

  •   Configuration issues
  •   Best practices
  •   Complex problem resolution
  •   System administration
  •   Challenging questions

This level of service is not normally covered by traditional support, yet customers do not always have a budget or a need to contract for a consulting engagement. EDI Enhanced Support provides customers with these types of services. The EDI Enhanced Support is billable by the half hour, in order to give customers just the right amount of support. We have a team of support experts available to boost your technical expertise. We will customize our Support contract to give the flexibility of service your organization needs.

Do you have questions or problems that just can’t get answered? Our experts can resolve issues efficiently. In today’s business climate, often organizations are forced to hold low technical staff levels while maintaining or increasing service levels. This challenge can be particularly difficult when managing to SLAs.

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EDI Software Support for TRIRIGA & Maximo

Level 1 / Level 2

Through an agreement with IBM, EDI provides clients with certified Level 1 and Level 2 TRIRIGA and Maximo Software Support. Instead of contacting IBM to open a PMR, you would contact EDI’s certified support specialists and TRIRIGA / Maximo experts.

Customers have repeatedly expressed that when the first call is made, they expect the Level 1 technician taking the call to start with Maximo- specific problem determination. Too many times, customers find that the first call is simply to identify what IBM software product they are using and then wait for a Level 2 technician to get back to them.

EDI’s certified technicians can start to work on the problem faster -- greatly shortening the time to resolution. Just like IBM’s support, the customer assigns a severity level from 1 through 4, and each Problem Management Record (PMR) is captured in EDI’s state-of-the-art service desk solution for tracking, reporting, and escalation.

TRIRIGA and Maximo users still have access to the same defect fixes, patches, and software upgrades provided by IBM’s level 3 support- now with EDI’s assistance. The same 24/7/365 availability and the same response times by severity level still apply. Customer licenses and entitlements are not changed in any way.

If you are a Maximo user who is coming to the end of your annual maintenance, or have recently received your renewal quote, and you would like to speak with someone from EDI about our Maximo Support Services, please feel free to email us at or call us at (727) 299-9304.

Enterprise Asset Management

Our Philosophy

Our Support Staff Members at EDI focus on these principles:

  •    Know the Customer
  •    Understand the Technology
  •    Follow the Process
Asset Management Consulting Services

Know the Customer

In order to know the customer, one must know the following:

  • The Industry:
    • Our support staff consists of individuals that have been involved in many Maximo implementations across many industries. They are able to see real solutions to real business challenges in the software and draw on those experiences.
  • The Company:
    • It’s our job to know the business perspective, processes and current system configuration of the companies we support.
  • The People:
    • When someone calls a support line, they are reaching out for help. Knowing the caller and their role in the organization really helps. A director-level employee is likely looking for something very different in the system than someone in the maintenance trenches executing work orders. That information can narrow a set of possible issues greatly.

Understand the Technology

In order to understand the technology, one must understand the following:

  • The Software, from a Functional Perspective:
    • Our support staff knows the software inside and out. Our training center keeps our employees up-to-date on the latest patches, updates and releases.
  • The Software, from a Technical Perspective:
    • When the solution to the problem isn’t obvious, do you know where to dig for answers? The technical know-how of the system architecture can point you in the right direction
  • The right tools to get the job done:
    • We use source code control tools and Google Drive for document management.

Follow the Process

Our staff consists of ITIL certified experts.

We focus on following set processes around:

  •    Issue Management
  •    Change Management
  •   Release Management

The key is to introduce controls without the controls getting in the way of the solution – that’s where knowing the customer and knowing the technology comes in handy. We’re able to analyze and assess the risk of change based upon that foundation of knowledge.

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