EDI had worked with almost all the Airports in North America that have deployed Maximo and we have over the years developed a uniquely tailored product for Airports called eSAM Maximo for Airports.  This product includes pre-tailored configurations to Maximo specific to Airports such as leading industry workflows, airport specific business processes, airport specific functional hierarchies, Air Field Inspections (Part 139 and NOTAM), Airport Commissioning and Asset On boarding processes and a complete mobile Airport solution!


The problem has always been that every large airport has had a large budget to deploy the exact solution that fits them.  We at EDI have taken ALL of the best practices and have rolled them into one easily deployable and cost effective solution in eSAM for Airports.  What this means is that Small and Medium sized airports can take advantage of the leading industry practices in eSAM and have the best system available without having to pay for an expensive deployment.  This also means that eSAM for Maximo can be deployed and in use in as little as 3 weeks!  Give us a call today to ask how eSAM for Airports can provide you benefits and to see a demo of the system in action.

eSAM Maximo for Small and Medium Airports