Join Us at MaximoWorld, August 06-08, 2019 in Orlando, Florida. Be sure to attend the “Demanding Excellence from Your Asset Management System” Short Course on Tuesday, August 6th.

This topic will primarily focus around the NIS Redesign & Implementation of RCM for Asset Management, as co-presented by Dejan Ivanovic and John Reeve.

8:00 AM  –  11:30 AM

Demanding Excellence from Your Asset Management System  (AMSC6)

Organizations that aggressively pursue operational excellence provide the best opportunity for enhanced profitability. It is these organizations that recognize the potential value from a purpose-built CMMS to create an asset management framework. And, they also know how to leverage new ideas, and technologies, in support of their primary mission. In addition, by emphasizing advanced processes, they can extract maximum value and achieve best-in-class status.

Asset management culture is critically important. When improvements do not occur at go-live or even 12 months later, senior management can become frustrated with the software. They ask for reports but can’t seem to get anything useful. And following suit, the working level senses a lack of vision and adds their voice of discontent. Although different in nature, both groups merge to create a “no confidence” vote.

Unfortunately, there are no software products, by themselves, which can improve the bottom line. And, there is no instruction book which “connects the dots” from CMMS go-live to better productivity; or, from ISO standards to better reliability; or, from HSE certification to improved job safety. Admittedly there are multiple ways to be successful but when pressed for specifics, there is no specific instruction set that provides a path forward that includes “how to” examples.

Some organizations are unknowingly content in reactive mode and do not desire change of any type. Many are happy just to be creating work orders and capturing actual costs while others want to track labor performance. But as the world becomes a more global marketplace, this narrow vision of “managing people and assets” will eventually impact their ability to compete. In each case, a long range plan, based on an asset management framework, is required which interconnects software/data, process/procedure, and roles/responsibilities to create a strategy for sustained excellence.

Join us at MaximoWorld, and catch the Short Course co-presented by Dejan Ivanovic and John Reeve