EDI has always strongly felt that deploying Maximo to any customer shouldn’t be a major challenge.  However, one of the hardest things to overcome when deploying a new system is getting data into the system.  The old adage “Garbage In, Garbage Out” always rings true and at times customers greatly struggle with how and what data should be entered into Maximo.  This issue in usually enhanced by an organization moving off a much older system which more than likely has incomplete, obsolete and often just plain incorrect data.  Most organizations end up doing one of two things.  First, they spend an enormousness amount of time and resources to scrub all the data, collect new data and load it into Maximo based on their past experience.  Or two, they just transform the data, load it and hope to clean it up at same future date.  Obviously, both of these have serious issues.  With the first method, while good intentioned, ends up being less than successful because the old system more than likely didn’t have leading industry practices in place and certainly not leading industry data.  Even though great time an effort was spent, the data still falls drastically short.  In the second scenario, even with a new EDI eSAM Maximo system in place with all the best leading industry processes, they are of little value without good data.  The organization has good intentions to clean up the data but other priorities usually get in the way and it never happens.  The end result is one I’ve seen all too often, the system provides no new value over the old system.  To overcome the many issues of data in a new system, EDI has developed an advanced data loading system.   This system allows EDI to load meaningful data into EDI eSAM Maximo quickly and painlessly.  Customers can quickly translate their existing data into useful Maximo data and immediately reap the benefits of good data.  However, this is more than just a loader of data, it is a system to help EDI customers gain instant value in all of their existing data.  EDI has pre-configured in the loader the leading industry data points and all a customer has to do is match those data points with their existing data.  No longer do customers have to guess what is valuable and what to spend time on, the EDI data loading tool provides that information for you already.  Give us a call and let EDI show you how easy it is to make the most out of your data.

Dataloading made easy