EDI has always believed in bringing the greatest value to it’s customers.  We do that by providing leading innovations and quality customer service.  We also have a number of solutions that enhance IBM Maximo to make it easier to use, including our industry leading service request tool, SuiteReq.  We have also been hard at work at providing greater value in our EDI eSAM line of tools.  We have approach EDI eSAM with the idea of how do we make Maximo work for any customer IMMEDIATELY!  We have designed eSAM as the solution that lets an organization be up and running with Maximo in a couple weeks, not years, not months.  And running in a meaningful way.  With EDI eSAM we have a pre-configured Maximo solution that includes detailed industry leading automated business processes but also the tools to help you immediately leverage those processes.  Any organization can instantly reap the benefits of an EDI eSAM Maximo deployment.  Because of the high level of automation and pre-configuration, money isn’t being spent on costly customization and a long drawn out deployment.  Instead, Maximo is completely configured and deployed in as short at two weeks!  That translates into direct cost savings that no other system on the market can provide.  Give us a call and let us tell you more of the benefits of EDI eSAM and how it can work for your organization today!

EDI eSAM – Doing More for Less