EDI has lots of services we provide our customers, but one of the most valuable is the Onsite Assessment.  Many organizations know they need help but just don’t know exactly what they need help with or how much will it cost.  The onsite assessment is a low cost offering that can help any organization get a better understanding of where they currently are and provide a roadmap on where to go.  Our onsite assessments are structured to help any organization get the most value out of their Maximo systems.  Our goal with an onsite assessment is to provide the organization with a valuable third party view into an organizations current practices and identification of needs.  Our consultants are experts in leading industry practices AND Maximo, so you are getting an expert in an EDI onsite assessment.  When you schedule an onsite assessment with EDI an experienced consultant will come onsite to your organization for usually a week or two and review your processes with you.  They will listen to your concerns and where you want to go and how you want to progress.  After completion of the assessment, EDI will produce a document that details the topics discussed, decisions made, and designs detailed during the meetings. EDI will also include the steps required to implement the solutions discussed in an order of prioritization aligned with your organizations business goals along with estimates on the work effort required.  The onsite assessment is affordable too.  It usually just travel costs and a discounted rate for the consultants time.  Contact us now to schedule an assessment today for your organization.

Onsite Assessment