EDI provides a service call Enhance Support services.  It provides our customers the ability to per-purchase support at a discounted rate for advanced activities.  Those activities can included, report writing, integrations, data transformations, configurations, training, customization, etc.  Basically, anything the customer wants to do in Maximo to improve the Maximo system.  We provide an estimate for hours and perform the work at our EDI corporate offices in St. Petersburg Florida.

However, sometimes it just makes more sense to have the support provided onsite at your facilities.  Know that this is an option available to all of our Enhance Support customers.  EDI provides this service at no additional cost to the per-purchased rate and only cost you the travel costs of our consultants to your site.  This means additional support options are available including conducting and leading change management workshops, one on one enhanced training and on demand changes to the system to name a few.  If you already have an Enhanced Support contract in place or if you would like to set one up, give us call or email and ask about how onsite support can be a benefit to your organization.

EDI Onsite Enhanced Support