Sometimes you need more than Maximo support and the issues are more than something you can easily define in a list deliverables.  When you don’t have the skill set in house to solve this dilemma it can be frustrating.  Do you hire someone to fix these problems?  What do they do when they are resolved?  How do you find that person? An can they actually solve all of your issues?

EDI has the solution in our staff augmentation.  With EDI you can choose to bring one of our highly skilled and Maximo certified consultants onsite for any amount of time to perform whatever work is needed.  We have consultants with the entire spectrum of Maximo skills which will allow you to accomplish any number of objectives.  Additionally, they have the backing of our entire organization to provide you with the solutions you need quickly and in a cost effective manner.  Call or email us today to learn how staff augmentation can benefit your organization.

EDI Maximo Staff Augmentation