Many organizations know their strengths and weaknesses but just can’t seem to get the wheels turning on improvements; they’re stuck in a rut.  Other organizations move along oblivious to the changes that could make a huge difference in their lives.  And still there are others that think they have everything figured out, all the while key processes are ignored or considered not needed.  Perhaps your organization is clearly one of these or somewhere in between.  In any case, you really should consider an onsite assessment.

An onsite assessment is a great way to introduce your organization to leading industry practices and get a better understanding of where you stand in relationship to those practices.  During an onsite assessment, one of our skilled and highly experienced consultants will come to your business and go through how your organization does maintenance, reliability, procurement, analytics and reporting and all other aspects of an effective maintenance system.  You don’t even have to be a current Maximo user or are considering making the move to Maximo!   Quickly you will see from our consultants how best practices compare to how you are currently doing business.  They will present a vision on what your organization can achieve and how to easily (sometimes no so easily 🙂 ) get there!

Having an outside independent voice is often the best tool needed to effect change….and we have some of the best.  For example, John Reeve is a Certified Reliability Leader, is a published author and is considered THE industry expert on Reliability and maintenance Planning.  John will come onsite and provide a roadmap for your organization to have reliability implemented.  The value of having the leading industry experts provide guidance is truly transformational to an organization from our onsite assessment.

After the assessment EDI consultants prepare a document that outlines all they saw and heard and the recommendations they have for your organization.  Also in the document is an estimate for costs to implement the recommendations so you can choose what brings the most value to your organization.  Call or email us now to discuss setting up an onsite assessment for your organization today.

Could your organization benefit from an onsite assessment?