One of the most important parts of a Maximo implementation is the Go-live.  It’s that last important part of an implementation where all the hard work comes together and Maximo is placed into production for use by the user community.  A very important part of the successful adoption of the system is Bubble Support.

As users are learning their new system and processes, they often have questions after attending user training prior to Go-live.  Bubble Support is the opportunity for users to get one-on-one personalized training and support from EDI consultants who have intimate knowledge of the system and its functions.  This personalized training is the opportunity in getting everyone going on the right foot.  The personalized training is specific to each user and their job functions and will vary from user to user.   The training can vary from Maximo basics to writing reports to developing integrations.

At EDI we typically will provide two full weeks of Bubble Support with at least two project team members.  Often, projects of larger size will get more resources or even a longer bubble support period and the same is true of smaller projects with a shorter duration.  The feedback received during bubble support will prove invaluable in confirming the success of the Maximo project and providing direction toward future growth opportunities.

To maximize the limited amount of time during Bubble Support, start by identifying key processes and individuals in those processes to target for one-on-one Bubble Support.  This should be spread across all areas of deployment to ensure all newly deployed processes are covered.  EDI budgets what is expected to more than sufficient Bubble Support time as part of our project proposals, however additional time can always be requested.  The key is to plan for the Bubble Support activities to make the most of them.

Any questions about Bubble Support can be directed through Contact Us portion of the EDI website.

EDI Bubble Support