IBM Maximo is the most powerful Maintenance management software you can buy, but it can be daunting thinking about how to bring all of your data over to Maximo.  Fortunately, IBM has thought of that and provides a number of ways to help make the transition to Maximo easier.  With EDI’s help we can guarantee your data will look great and be useful from day in Maximo.  To do this IBM provides three different tools, and there are other third party tools that can help too!

First, IBM provides a robust integration engine, called the Maximo Integration Framework (MIF).  With the MIF, EDI can connect to your existing system and directly import data.  This often requires some transformations and certainly a data mapping, but the direct connection ensures all of your data gets easily migrated.  The bonus is that all your data goes through the Maximo Business Objects (MBO) and is validated as part of the import and is guaranteed to work with Maximo.

Second, IBM provide Data Import and Export capabilities on all of the applications.  This allows for easy importing of data using excel spreadsheets.  This option is great when the data you currently have is minimal or you would like to gather new data to populate in the system.  Like the first option all data goes through the MBOs and is guaranteed to work.

Third, IBM provides an Excel based tool called the MXLoader that works with MIF to load data.  It has more features than the Import/Export function above, for example, it will validate your data before attempting to load and will help you ensure your data is compliant.  It too uses the MBOs and is EDI’s preferred way to load data.

EDI also uses other tools to help with data loading.  We have visualization tools that help with creating and loading data to make your transition to Maximo as easy as possible.  EDI can also provide a host of data loading services to help make the transition easier, from walk down and data mining services to utilizing EDI’s eSAM library of data.  With Maximo and EDI you can be assured that your data will look good.

Maximo Data Loading