Over the decades of airlines operators and supporting MRO shops the operator’s home base has been the predominant location for line maintenance. Consolidation, costs and turn around times have been a few of the many drivers to expand line maintenance to non hub airports to support the long term contracts and needs of operators. MRO providers manage many operators at many locations and the challenge of managing the work loads has never been less daunting.

Our Maximo product can manage multiple job types, work loads and scheduling resources within a single screen on one desk top or mobile device. The “One version of the Truth” is available and accessible as your operations and clients need access to. This can be done from one location with visibility to all of your locations, hangars, bays, tooling resources and specialty capabilities. You and your clients can determine the best place for the required support on one screen.

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Chris Rospenda

Transportation Leader IBM IoT Watson Connected Operations

The need for consistent information and real time situational awareness of your operations