Maximo is without question the leading Enterprise Asset Management system.  It has an extensive amount of capabilities and really does require an organization to select a partner who has the experience to help guide and make smart decision on how to deploy Maximo.  There are lots of providers out there that have varying levels of capability to deploy Maximo but what sets EDI apart from the rest?  EDI is different because we believe that there are right ways to setup Maximo and wrong ways.  The right ways allow you to deploy Maximo quickly, efficiently and in the end have a system that is easy to use, provides the value promised and can demonstrate the value it is providing.  EDI has accomplished this through multiple ways.  EDI has developed solutions that enhance Maximo without taking away native support from IBM or restricting upgrades to future versions.  EDI has developed proven processes that can be quickly adopted and deployed through change management.  EDI deployed Maximo systems are setup from the beginning to allow for the reporting that is expected form organizations.  We are so confident in our deployment process that we can have a functional system up and running in your organization in a matter of weeks, not months.  These are not bare bones system but systems that are fully capable and functional right after we provide initial training on the system.  With this functioning system we then configure it for more detailed specific needs.  Within 6 months, a complete Maximo system specifically tailored to each organization is realizable.  Additionally, that organization will have had significant experience with Maximo by the end of the project, ensuring a successful deployment.  The best part, less time means less money.  EDI provides value and excellence into every project and that is why you want to choose EDI has your partner.  Call or email us to find out more.

Why choose EDI as your business partner