eSAM stands for Enterprise Strategic Asset Management and here at EDI we are serious about delivering time saving solutions to organization.  eSAM for Water is one of those solutions.  We have taken our base eSAM solution which includes:

  • Provides crucial information associated with EAM to support long and short term planning
  • Pre- Defined Asset and Location hierarchy structures to better find and track work.  Pre-defined functional hierarchies to help track work how work affects other areas.
  • Pre-Defined Workfows that support leading industry practices for work management, inventory management, procurement and mobile solutions.
  • Helps work through challenges of automating processes and implementing organizational change in large environments when coupled with EDI service
  • Improves efficiencies through the ability to track specific labor certifications and qualifications within a trade prior to executing work on assets and includes Safety Plans, SOPs, and Qualifications functions
  • Easy tracking of labor distribution and overall O&M costs

All of these items are now available specifically for Water/ Waste Water Management.  Our expertise with past customers has given us the opportunity to put the leading practices and procedures into eSAM for Water to enable faster successful deployments.  Call or email us to receive a demo and find out how EDI can help your organization.


eSAM for Water