EDI has been working with Maximo for Aviation since it’s release a couple years ago.  EDI is focused on Maximo in the Aviation world.  We are currently working on several projects deploying Maximo for Aviation and have the experience and knowledge to have Maximo for Aviation work for your organization.  Maximo for Aviation is the ideal solution for MRO Part 145 providers.  It allows for complete life cycle tracking of all your customer air frames, engines and anything else you want to track.  You can easily track all your inventory and manage all your customers and suppliers efficiently and easily.  Schedule all your work graphically and track the progress of your work to ensure on time delivery of work.  All this allows you to run your MRO to best of it’s abilities and maximize your work force production and profit potential.  Call or email us to schedule a demo and let EDI show you how Maximo for Aviation can help your business.

Maximo for Aviation and MRO Part 145 Providers
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