You’ve heard us talk about IBM Maximo Work Centers and now you want them.  Good news is that they are free and you just need to have Maximo or higher.  IBM has been hard at work updating the Work Centers, so if you have the latest release (currently you have quite a bit of new features (see the last Blog post).  So, if you have Maximo or higher you have Work Centers. ( you can check by click on the question mark in the upper right corner of the Maximo screen after you log on and choose System information) Work Centers are deployed by default and are available to anyone who has them enabled in security.  Assuming you have them enabled (ask your Maximo Admin to grant you access) getting to the Work Center is very much like accessing Maximo but just slightly different.

Maximo is accessed via a url like:   http://MaximoEnvironment:9999/maximo

The new Maximo Work Centers are accessed via a slight variation to the url to include -x    So the address would be: http://MaximoEnvironment:9999/maximo-x

You log in with the same username and password you would use for Maximo.

So…’re not up to or later yet…well…I have bad news, there are no plans for Work Centers for any version below that release.  Good news is that EDI can help you get there and help you take advantage of the Work Centers.  Contact us and ask how we can help.

How to Access IBM Maximo Work Centers