Work Centers are a great addition to Maximo since they were added in release but they had (and honestly still do) quite a few limitations.  Including no way to add custom data sets and were very tedious to setup in security.  With the release that is no longer the case.  In addition to other features added in; Budget Monitoring App, Time Zone Rules App, New versions of Scheduler and Scheduler Plus, Anywhere and Asset Health Insights; the new version includes enhancements to Work Centers.  In addition to the already existing Work Centers for Technicians, Supervisors and Business Analysts, there are now Work Centers for Service Requestors (which actually came out a release ago) and now for Inspection Supervisors and Inspectors.  Included are tools to build and conduct online inspections for assets and locations.  EDI is currently working to help get these inspections to be complaint with our eSAM inspections and provide complete integration.

Another exciting aspect of is the simplification of security to Work Centers.  Previously, a large number of clicks and objects needed to be selected to enable Work Centers.  It has now been reduced down to a new template that allows for each Work Center security authorization.

EDI is a the leading Maximo service provider in the industry and we know that you want someone who understand not only the products but how they affect you and your business and can help you take full advantage of the complete Maximo product your organization has acquired.  Contact us and we help you accomplish the goals you have set.

IBM Maximo Asset Management New Work Center Features