IBM Maximo is the leading industry Asset Management System and with EDI eSAM and BackFed Reliability you have the most powerful Maximo system available to you.  IBM has additional products that can help you understand how your Assets are performing that complement EDI eSAM and BackFed Reliability.  We’ve previously discussed the new Work Centers and IoT Watson and the IBM Maximo Asset Health Insights.

Maximo Asset Health Insights V7.6 enables reliability engineers and maintenance supervisors to gain a deeper understanding of the health of their assets. These asset health management capabilities include modeling a business asset along with the flexibility of defining asset health for various asset classes in an organization. These models include specific drivers from Maximo data such as asset age, remaining life, and work and failure history. They can also include drivers about asset condition, originating from real-time or historical sensor data, or from manual inspections and readings.

After asset health is defined, the reliability engineer or maintenance supervisor can get an overall view of the health of their assets, normalized across different asset classes. This normalized view can be represented as red, yellow, green, or one through five; the view enables the user to identify specific assets based on their health and take the appropriate actions. These actions can include adjusting preventative maintenance schedules, opening a new preventative maintenance perhaps for an inspection, or scheduling replacement or overhaul of an asset. Certain asset classes or groups of assets based on existing Maximo queries can be viewed in a list, on a map, or in a hierarchy along with the health of these assets as indicated by the asset health model for that asset class.

This set of capabilities provides a single, enriched view as part of the Maximo system, instead of having to use multiple views from several different tools to achieve the same result. This additional insight can enable increased reliability of the assets, at a reduced cost associated with optimizing preventive maintenance.

IBM® Maximo® Asset Health Insights V7.6 capabilities include:

  • Consolidates information around business asset health for reliability engineers and maintenance supervisors, including asset history and real-time and historical sensor data from the assets
  • Provides the capability to define and normalize asset health based on key drivers, such as remaining useful life, maintenance and failure history, overdue preventive maintenance, and condition based on real-time and historical meter and sensor information and weather
  • Provides users with the capability to drill into business assets by location, hierarchy, or asset class to understand the full context of the health of critical assets
  • Leverages real-time information and analytics using the IBM Watson™ Internet of Things Platform, along with other information sources such as current and historical weather

Additionally with IBM Maximo Asset Health Insights, Reliability Engineers have access to new Work Centers that are only available with this product.  Some of these features require a subscription to outside services or to IBM IoT services to operate to their full capacity.  However, the value provided greatly justifies the small expense.

EDI understand what’s important in determining Asset Health and can help you might the right decisions for your organization.  Contact us today and ask how we can help you with Asset Heath.

IBM Maximo Asset Health Insights