With everyone having a smart device in their pocket and with work forces being more tech savey than ever before.  Taking Maximo mobile is a natural progression for most organizations.  Besides allowing work forces to move away from paper it allows for instant work assignment, work resource updates and more detailed and accurate actual work recording.  Fortunately there are lots of Mobile solutions out there.  BUT that can also be a bad thing with so many to choose how does an organization pick one?

In our experience (of which we have a bit :)), there are some cases where the out of the box Maximo Everyplace is acceptable.  Maximo Everyplace is really just going into Maximo and reformatting screens to fit the smaller screens of mobile devices.  This does require some time and effort and in the end it works well.  But it is a very basic solution.

The Best Maximo solution we have found is DataSplice.  It provides a separate application that connects with Maximo to provide the best mobile user experience.  The list of benefits is long, but one of the best is a seamless offline experience.  When a worker goes out of network or cellular coverage, he can still work in DataSplice.  When he connection is restored all the data is synchronized.  Additionally, DataSplice has the ability to easily be configured to meet every clients needs.  It’s built in administration and configuration tool set allows for easy updates to the system making is not only user friendly but very powerful.  Call us today to discuss your Maximo Mobile needs and we can schedule a demo and review all of your options.

Maximo Mobile – The Best Solution