Have you ever wondered what’s the best way to schedule your work?  Despite your best efforts you have to wonder if there is a better process, a better method and a better solution, right?  Maximo has a number of way to help you schedule your work.  Since organization are never in the same place in maturity of processes, Maximo supports multiple scheduling solutions to help any organization.

In this post we will discuss some advanced scheduling options that are available for Maximo.  While some great work scheduling features are available in base Maximo as we discussed in our last blog post; to get and obtain some truly time saving and scheduling benefits some additional tools will need to be developed/acquired.

First I want to point everyone to an amazing article by a great friend John Reeve.  John is an expert and work scheduling and the topics he discusses in The 5 Levels of Maintenance Scheduling are implementable in Maximo using Automation Scripting.  The development time is not necessarily significant(see the next paragraph for a great tool to help enable this), but it does allow for Maximo to automate most scheduling and ensures that resources are fully engaged.  It should be noted, that while an amazing process and highly recommended, this does require Organizational Change Management and new processes put in place to support.

Before committing to that level of organizational change, often a Maximo add-on product will provide a significant benefits in scheduling work with and immediate impact.  Our favorite Work Scheduling tool is AKWIRE from Solufy.  It allows end users to graphically manger their work and even perform instant load leveling as described above.  It’s an inexpensive add-on that will more than bring a return on investment to any organization.  In fact, we like it so much, that while other products do exist out there we have found greater success with AKWIRE that it is the only scheduling tool we recommend.  Feel free to contact us for a demo and to answer any questions on how we can help with your work scheduling challenges.

Advanced Work Scheduling