Have you ever wondered what’s the best way to schedule your work?  Despite your best efforts you have to wonder if there is a better process, a better method and a better solution, right?  Maximo has a number of way to help you schedule your work.  Since organization are never in the same place in maturity of processes, Maximo supports multiple scheduling solutions to help any organization.

Let’s first take about some basics.  On your work orders are you filling in scheduled dates and times?  Are you putting in planned crafts and hours along with your planned materials?  These simple things allow you to know how much your work is going to cost you and how long it will take.  You can then simple compare these to your actual hours and materials and the completed dates and times to see how your organization is performing.

Next let’s talk about some of the standard tools Maximo provides to help you with the scheduling  of work.  Maximo’s simplest work assignments come through the use of the assignment fields on the lower sections of main Work Order screen.  Choosing a Lead and having a Start Center setup to show that Lead when they’ve been selected is not only easy, but very effective way to assign work.

Maximo also comes with a great tool called Assignment Manager.  It allows you to see all upcoming work and assign it to individuals based on their availability.  It allows for specific days and times to be assigned or it allows you to just assign the work to an individual and let Maximo determine the exact scheduling.  It has a dedicated application that has insights in to all available work orders or can be performed directly from an individual work order.  It does require some up keep on your end with Calendars and Shifts but provides great flexibility in resource engagement.

We’ll discussed Advanced tools in our next post.

How do you schedule Work?