Maximo is a very versatile solution that works across all industries and in many capacities.  No two organizations use it the same but all get amazing value out of Maximo.  There are many opportunities to learn how others are using Maximo.  Maximo User Groups, Maximo conferences, industry conferences and even site visits to other organizations using Maximo.  Many organizations are happy to share their successes and struggles with Maximo and ways they have improved and overcome difficulties.  The best way to share these experiences is the present how you are using Maximo.  There are many opportunities to do so and we at EDI love to share our clients success stories and we love to hear about other paths to success.  We attend most key Maximo conferences, Industry conferences and user groups.  We always attend with intention of sharing the Maximo stories we have helped craft, but we also love to hear others Maximo journeys.  This month we are attending IBM Interconnect, Airport  Council International and the Asset Management Ecosystem conferences in Las Vegas.  Please come seek us out and tell us all about your Maximo systems, your success and your struggles.  Together we can learn and improve in our use of Maximo.

Share your Maximo experience