Maximo has evolved over time from the client server system of 20 years ago to a fully web based platform of today.  So too has the deployment of Maximo from stand alone servers to virtual servers and now to Cloud based hosting.  In the past, Cloud based systems were not really an option to many organizations due to cost and questions about performance and reliability.  Fortunately, with Clouds becoming mainstream for everyone in their daily lives.  Cloud based music services, photo storage and backups are probably something you don’t even think twice about but are part of your life even if you don’t know it.  The same should be said for your Maximo environment.  Many clients still struggle with hardware issues, storage issue and network performance issues that a lead to a poor Maximo experience.  That in turn leads to poor utilization which means your Assets are getting the full attention they deserve.

What can going to cloud with Maximo do for your business?  Well, lots actually but the big points are improving performance, reliability and reduced overhead.  What those directly translate to is a lower cost of ownership for you and better reliability for your organization.  The best part is that you can do it now.  You don’t have to wait until an upgrade (although that’s actually a good time too).  The benefits can be realized quite quickly and with just a bit of migration you can be up and running from the cloud.

Here is the surprising thing about this service, we at EDI don’t provide cloud based hosting!  Nope, we want to help clients get the best out of Maximo.  We love to provide the best processes and solutions and at EDI we have partnered with the two best cloud based Maximo solutions we have been able to find.  Projetech and IBM.  Both offer outstanding performance and reliability with affordable pricing.  By letting our partners focus on your Cloud based system, we can focus on you and how to best take advantage of your new capabilities.

Contact us and we help you decide what’s the best solution for you and get you moved into the Cloud!

Cloud based Hosting