Once you have used Maximo for a while (a few weeks to a few years), you will find that there is something you wish you had done or implemented during your Maximo implementation.  It could be something like a new field or showing a Lead Crafts full name, or it could be a report or KPI and it could be a custom application, an automated workflow or even an integration to an external system.  Most of these items are out of reach of the normal Maximo user and not necessarily the best use of time for your Maximo administrator.  To help Maximo customers (even if you haven’;t had EDI do work in the past), EDI provides an “Enhanced” support service offering to fulfill these needs.  The Enhanced Support offering is a level of service that goes above normal Maximo support that allows customers to implement new requirements help them with their daily Maximo needs.  It’s really quite simple, you purchase a set number of hours from EDI to perform any number of Maximo tasks you need accomplished.  When you need a Maximo task completed, you fill out a request and we provide you an estimate for the work.  Once you approve, we get started.  When the work is completed, you are only billed for the number of hours used.  Like I said, simple.  You get on demand Maximo support and only pay for what you use.  Requests are submitted and completed until you’ve used up your hours.  The number of hours is up to you and is usually based on your purchasing limits and guidelines.  Give us call and we can tell you have we have helped other customers with their “Enhanced” support requests.

EDI Enhanced Support