IBM has recently announced the option to have concurrent licensing for Maximo.  This was once the normal licensing model with Maximo version 4 and earlier but since then all versions of Maximo have been a named license.  This is great news for organizations with shift work forces and those who need flexibility in their licensing.  Concurrent licensing is available for ALL versions of Maximo.  To take advantage of concurrent licensing, an organization must convert existing named licenses or purchase new concurrent licenses.  Three (3) named licenses can be converted to one (1) concurrent license with a trade up purchase.  Concurrent licenses are available only for Authorized and Express users, limited users will remain named users only.  In addition, ratios between authorized, limited and express users need to be maintained.  A mix of concurrent and named licenses is permissible and is recommended.  Concurrent license are available for not only the base product but also for industry solutions.  Most are available now with the remainder coming available before years end, with the exception of Nuclear which will be available next year.

With concurrent licensing, IBM has elected to forgo an enforcement in the system.  Instead they have provided a licensing tracking tool with the latest release of Maximo  This tool will monitor the use of all licenses to help an organization maintain licensing compliance.  This tool currently only works on Maximo 7.6 and tracks usages of base Maximo, Transportation, Calibration, Service Provider, Scheduler, and Anywhere products.  Additional support will be coming soon.  This tool is not mandatory and is only an aid to help with compliance.

How does this affect you and your organization?  There are a lot of factors to consider and we can help you sort through it all!  Having the right mix of license types will help our organization get the most value out of your Maximo system.  Contact us and we help you with the right solution.

Maximo Concurrent Licensing available now!