When we accidentally set something on fire, we instinctually try to put it out.  We may be successful or we may even need help to put the fire out.  BUT wouldn’t it have been better if there wasn’t a fire at all?  What if we knew there was going to be a fire but we did nothing to stop it, is that worse?

In speaking with many planners, maintenance managers, and engineers over the years they all agree that life would be much simpler if there weren’t any emergencies.  That if they could just come to work to perform the planned work they expected to see, their lives would be much simpler and they would be happy.  Even they would be willing to look at how they did their work and try to improve on that to make their facility/plant/network run better.  Unfortunately, they say, I’m just too busy “getting work done.”

We all call this fighting fires.  Would you like to stop fighting fires?  We can help you “Move away from the fire!”  We have worked with dozens of clients on these very struggles.  Our experience can help you move to a proactive work environment where your daily life isn’t filled with one emergency after another.  Contact us and find out how we can help.

Move away from the FIRE!