With Maximo implementation and proper business consulting, the power, oil/ gas refining and airport industries can (potentially) save millions of dollars each year. Our implementation of process improvements and streamlined monitoring of expenses has been proven successful in a multitude of cases in various environments. Our customers can attest that the results have been downright lucrative yet simple. But does adopting Maximo demand a complete knowledge overhaul and abandonment of current working company practices? Of course it doesn’t!

With EDI, successful Maximo implementation can involve the incorporation of established company standards along with implementing or strengthening existing Best Practices. Through business process consulting, legacy data no longer needs to be confined on scraps of paper or stay hidden in a worker’s personal computer. In establishing Best Practices, EDI can also provide integrations between other software and Maximo to foster intercompany communications. A fine example of integration could involve the inclusion of labor records imported from a third party application on a work order.

Using the notifications in Maximo and accurately translating information can increase the overall integrity of a company knowledge base and effectiveness of communications. Another example could include what our accomplished developers created for a power company. We are able to add custom fields to a record (like a work order or location) such as a text field or checkbox and flag it, enabling the record to follow a different workflow route. Our customer is able to continue treating and monitoring the work as they currently do while enjoying the benefits of the guidance and organized information Maximo uses as a keystone of operations.

Legacy information that could be kept and used in the workflow include engineering references, demand for supervisor approval based on spare parts, tagging/safety codes or checkboxes for particular types of work and customer request for quote processing. In addition to simple fields, it is possible for our developers to create entirely new applications specifically tailored for holding or exporting this information. For a power customer, we had developed an application that incorporated their numbering scheme for cables and other equipment. This practice had become standard at this power company and in providing the quality customer service we are known for, EDI developed applications for enumerating and communicating the identity and locations of unique company equipment.

At EDI, we believe that “content is king”.  We will strive to help you keep your content as you elevate your working process and output to new heights while retaining the legacy of your data.

Using Legacy Data with Modern Functionality

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