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Join us for a webinar with speakers Todd Allen, EDI Tririga Service Line Manager, and Staci Saker, WCAA Line of Business Manager, to discuss how the Detroit Metro Airport – Wayne County Airport Authority improved their concessions and tenant permitting process and customer service.

WCAA recently implemented an automated web solution allowing tenants, contractors, and airport employees to create and manage construction / alteration permit applications for upgrading or improving facilities they lease or manage.

Benefits to Airports: 

  • Better control and visibility of permit process from application submittal to permit close out
  • Easier management of design review, comment and response process
  • Central repository for documentation (including design drawings, insurance and bonds)
  • Automated role based email notifications (including correspondence letters and reports)
  • Revision history and auditing to allow for improved ability to traceability
  • Alignment with FAA regulations and requirements
  • Better diagnosis of bottlenecks and problems

Benefits to Tenants & Airlines: 

  • Easier web-based application submittal for permits
  • Cleaner process overall by uploading and receiving required documentation the first time
  • Better customer service, improved visibility & transparency of status and requests
  • Faster permit issuance, work in progress compliance, and project close out

Webinar Details:

Email us at info@edatai.com for more information on this webinar.

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