EDI is looking forward to the upcoming mid-year meeting of the Airport Maximo Users Group (AMUG) hosted by the Boston Logan Airport in Boston, MA. The meeting will be held Thursday and Friday, September 24-25, 2015 at the world-renowned Boston Logan Airport.

The agenda promises a wealth of informational presentations from AMUG members as well as workshops, round-table discussions, excellent networking opportunities. EDI is one of the many proud sponsors for this event as we continue our commitment to the airport industry and all things Maximo. Becoming a member of AMUG is easy, just visit http://tivoli-ug.net/index.php/group/viewgroup/1-airport-maximo-user-group to sign up. To register for the mid-year meeting event, you must first become a member of AMUG, which only takes moments. Once you’ve received your membership confirmation, you can register for the event by visiting http://tivoli-ug.net/index.php/events1/viewevent/705-airport-maximo-user-group-meeting?groupid=1.

The Airport Maximo Users Group is a dynamic group of airport industry professionals from all over the world working together to improve the operations and management of airports large and small. Members meet twice a year to discuss exciting opportunities and the various challenges facing the airport industry. The group provides its members a way to effectively network and build strong relationships to collectively develop solutions and more opportunities that all its members can benefit from. A full agenda can be found here. We hope to see you there!

Join EDI at the Airport Maximo Users Group (AMUG) in Boston!

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