Let’s walk through the steps together below. From our experience with Maximo Configuration/s, the end result will allow users of a specific security group to be able to edit that field once it has been saved on a record. Here’s how:

1. Create a true conditional expression

Go to administration, conditional expression manager. Click new row, and name the title and description as desired. For expression, use ‘1=1’. This will create a true expression. You could also make the conditional expression based on an attribute such as total cost > 1000. Leave the default value of expression type.

2. Create a signature option

In application designer, go to the application the field is in. Click ‘select action’ then add/modify signature options. Click new row and name your option with a title and description. Be sure the visible box is checked and click ok.

3. Apply the signature option and conditional expression to the field

Remain in the application that the signature option was created in. Locate your field, click to highlight it, and click the control properties icon. Change the input mode to read only and click the advanced tab. Click the lookup icon and select the signature option you created earlier.

Click the configure conditional properties button next. Click new row under the security groups section. Select the security group(s) that you would like to have editable fields within. For more than one group, click new row and add as many as needed. Next, under the ‘conditions for security group’ click new row. Click the lookup icon next to the name field and locate the conditional expression you created earlier. Check the reevaluate checkbox if it is not already checked.

For the property values for Condition section, click ‘enter property under the condition is true tab’. For property enter ‘input mode’ and for value enter ‘default’.

As with Maximo, if you have more than one security group, you will need to do this for each one. Simply click to highlight the second security group listed in the security groups section above. After you have filled in these fields for both groups, click ok, and save.

4. Grant access to the signature option in each security group

Go to security >security groups, and click on the security group(s) that were specified in the security groups in the previous step. Click the applications tab, and select the application you created the signature option in. Once the application is selected, go to the section below the options for actions section, and locate the description of your signature option. Once found, check the grant access checkbox but do not enter a condition. Repeat this  if there are other security groups this signature option may effect. Save the records once completed.

How do we make a field read only based on security group by using a signature option?

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